Help us empower the world with technology like 3D Printing and Plastic Recycling Equipment!

We’re a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we have many projects related to 3D printing; from our educational outreach program, SPORE, to R&D on cleaning up the environment using 3D Printing. Your donation not only helps us tremendously (and is tax-deductible), but approximately every $1 you donate is roughly equivalent to: 

  • Bringing 3D printing access to a child at a library (via our 3D Printing Carts)
  • Recycling a few plastic water bottles (via our Research on recycled plastic into 3D printed goods)
  • Hosting 1 minute of 3D printing or Circular Economy classes or workshops for the public
  • Grow 3 pounds of local food using a FarmBot (a gardening robot) for elderly families in need
  • Create an educational video on the circular economy
  • One paragraph in our digital resources
  • 3D printing material for ~3 small 3D printed toys for children (distributed at our classes & events

Help with Education

Your donation helps provide supplies for our educational outreach program (SPORE) where we donate 3D Printers, and teach people of all ages how to make their own products using technology like 3D Printing.

Support R&D

We're building machines that enable people to convert local plastic waste into useful goods. The designs for all the machines we produce will be made open source and available for free to the world. These machines will eventually be distributed around the world. Your donation helps tremendously with the R&D expenses to make this a reality.

Really love what we’re doing? Why not become a sponsor! In addition to the good that will come from helping us do these amazing projects, we’ll make sure to let everyone know how amazing you are (like putting your brand on some of the stuff we create). Check out our Sponsorship page to see more.