Much of the plastic we produce ends up in the environment

But what if it was possible to use intelligent machines and 3D printing to locally recycle plastic waste into something useful?

It’s time to turn plastic waste into useful goods

We believe there are ways to utilize 3D printing and recycling technologies to not only help close the loop on plastic production and consumption but clean plastic from the environment.

So we formed this non-profit to build and distribute open source machines that recycle, 3D printers that produce goods from recycled waste, and the education for how to use those resources.

By distributing both the machines that produce products from waste and the education for how to use those machines, we hope to empower people around the world to begin creating products locally, while also contributing to cleaning the environment.

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We do the research and development on various projects within our non-profit: 

Then share what we learn publicly through our initiative to Support Public Outreach, Resources and Education:

Check out our Projects Page to see everything we’re working on!


We believe everyone deserves the right to access the knowledge and equipment to turn their product ideas into reality; because the right tools in the right hands can change the world. So we’ve gathered local experts, makers, artists, and teachers to distribute resources and education to empower the public to begin producing locally, cleaning the environment in the process.

As our environment continues to accumulate plastic in landfills, we are pressured to find a solution for the waste. We think it’s time to begin transforming the way people think about waste–starting with plastic.

Mycelium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed mid-2018 with a mission to close the loop on plastic production, and empower people to create their own goods using technology like 3D Printing.

As a result, we have a variety of projects and programs around this mission; from open source R&D projects aimed at tackling plastic waste in the environment, to hosting classes and events on 3D Printing.

See our Projects Page to view all of our current and planned projects.

Our 3D Printing educational resources and open source plans are shared through our SPORE initiative.